Adoma Advisors

Financial solutions created to meet the needs of our communities.

What we build today will provide for us tomorrow.

About Us

Adoma: giver of grace and helpfulness

Experts in the formation of blockchain entities, traditional Acquiring Banking, Point of Sale systems, legacy and blockchain notary services, transitioning existing enterprise, both brick & mortar and eCommerce, to integrated FinTech Solutions. Servicing various communities and companies w their ongoing payment rails, HR/AP/AR, benefited by implementing cutting-edge tools of the blockchain(s). A full suite of data analytics and reporting packages available. Website design for both Web2 and Web3 platforms, as well as ongoing SEO and network support.
Bringing commerce from online to onchain, and back to our local economies. 

Compliance and bookkeeping, start to finish. 

Teaching businesses to self-custody their banking needs via blockchain and digital solutions.

Our Services

Payments & Point of Sales
Web3 Business Integrations
Real Estate & Commodities

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I can't thank you enough for jumping into the fray.
You are an amazing person and I appreciate your help.
Much appreciated!!”

—Noreen B.